Programs & partnerships

We are a learning environment that fosters knowledge and collaboration.

EIT program

Our Engineer-in-Training (EIT) program is designed to foster the professional development of electrical engineering graduates. This program builds upon academic engineering knowledge, creates learning opportunities across disciplines, and provides insight into the AESO business.

Student work experience program

The AESO supports student work experience through term positions in departments throughout the organization.

AIESEC global talent program

AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world. They are a non-governmental organization that consults within the United Nations Economics and Social Council. Their Global Talent Program facilitates international youth employment opportunities within Canadian companies in the areas of Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing, and Project Management.

We work with AIESEC to provide youth in the internship program with cross-cultural professional work experiences at the AESO.

Operation Minerva Calgary partnership

Operation Minerva Calgary is affiliated with the Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN). AWSN has designed a one-day event that brings together Grade 8 girls nominated by a teacher, with women from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professions. The goal of the program is to inspire young women to pursue careers in STEM professions.

We partner with Operation Minerva to provide mentors in a STEM role.

Post-secondary partnerships

The AESO works with the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary to provide opportunities to students, influence curriculum, and provide input into research activities related to power engineering and power systems.

Alberta Power Industry Consortium

The AESO is a member of the Alberta Power Industry Consortium (APIC). APIC  promotes energy systems research, education, and exchange of information in Alberta. It consists of all major Alberta utility companies, the University of Alberta, and the AESO.