Life at the AESO

Work that works for you

As a modern workplace, we trust our employees to manage their workload in ways that work best for them. Our Flexible Work Practice allows employees to work from home or outside regular business hours when they need to accommodate personal or family plans. We also have a Dress for Your Day practice, and company-wide time blocks of meeting-free, uninterrupted time to allow for critical thinking or to catch up on work.

"We have a flexible work practice where I can work from home when I need to, or alter my hours to accommodate my kids. It's a progressive organization, and I like that we take the time to look at these kinds of practices and try them out."
-Morgan, Market Applications Specialist

Our values

Our people embrace the following values and behaviors to deliver high quality work:

Be my best
  • Act with integrity
  • Take pride in my work
  • Do what I say I will do
  • Challenge myself
Make it happen
  • Execute in a timely manner
  • Strive for excellence
  • Pursue continuous development
  • Embrace change and innovation
Thrive together
  • Collaborate openly and inclusively
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements
  • Promote wellness; look after both work and life and have fun
  • Inspire others
Live the mandate
  • Serve Albertans; our collective work fulfills our mandate
  • Guide the industry in transformation
  • Pursue being a recognized leader
  • Value stakeholder perspectives through meaningful engagement to achieve strong outcomes
Our Values
Our Values
Be My Best
Be My Best
Make It Happen
Make It Happen
Thrive Together
Thrive Together
Live The Mandate
Live The Mandate

Communities at the AESO

Communities of practice

You are among fellow subject matter experts who are passionate in their fields and enthusiastic about sharing their wisdom and perspectives with each other. Some of our annual conferences include the Economic Excellence Conference, Technical Excellence Conference, and Legal Excellence conference.

Women and girls in electricity

In support of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), we have partnered with Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN) to host Operation Minerva Calgary since 2014. We are energized and inspired by the grade 8 girls who spend the day with us exploring the possibilities of a career in STEM and the future of electricity.

Employee resource groups

We encourage employees to create resource groups to learn and exchange knowledge about common interests, promote diverse thinking and collaboration, network, socialize and have fun. Employee Resource Groups include:
  • Amp It Up: Amplifying women’s careers at the AESO through the power of connection and mentorship.
  • Powered Up Parents: A support network for parents at any stage of parenthood to share experiences and resources.

Social committee

Our Social Committee plans Employee social events, employee family events, and creates ways for us to give back to the surrounding community.