Learning & development

The AESO is committed to making the right learning opportunities available to employees at the right time to achieve business objectives. While employees are responsible for their development, we foster an environment that enables employees to develop and improve technical, business and leadership skills. Learning programs are developed in response to business and technical needs.

Recognizing there are different ways to engage in one’s learning, we employ various ways to develop skills, practice and expertise. Some of the opportunities provided to employees looking for further learning and development include:

Situational learning

Many opportunities exist on the job to develop and enhance skills and behaviours.

Stretch assignments

Opportunities to take on new tasks and assignments that relate to development goals. This provides employees an opportunity to explore the breadth of our organization and colleagues the opportunity to coach and mentor.

Lateral movement in roles across functions

Expanding knowledge of the AESO while working in another department or area of practice.

Projects, committees and special assignments

Taking on a new role within a project team or leading a project or special assignment to build leadership skills, communications skills and technical expertise.

Facilitating and presenting AESO learning

Becoming an AESO knowledge expert builds knowledge leadership, knowledge assets and provides professional designation requirements.